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Saturday, October 20, 2012


Fire Up Your Fat BurnFire Up Your Fat Burn by Lori Shemek
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I worked in the fitness industry in my twenties, but in my forties, it’s been difficult to maintain a healthy body weight. Back in the day, teaching twelve fitness classes weekly (plus weight training) meant eating healthy wasn’t critical. I ate whatever I wanted. I hear this often from my middle aged friends that were athletes when they were younger. Working out at that level (time or intensity) just isn’t feasible anymore. I have tried a lot of diets and have read a lot of diet books. Other approaches are unsatisfying, because of focusing on fads or lacking practical examples. For those reasons, Fire Up Your Fat Burn by Lori Shemek, strikes the perfect balance. This is a grab and go program coupled with the principles of why the approach works. Since I know a bit about exercise programs, I really appreciated suggestions that an average user can accomplish; at home, outdoors, at a gym or with little to no equipment. There are sections for at-a-glance; tips for success; what to/ not to eat; goal setting; understanding inflammation; using supplements, fiber and water. What I liked the most about this book were tasty food choices, embedded in the chapters, also concluding with an entire chapter at the end. This book lives up to the title and will give you what you need to jump start your lifestyle change.

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